Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II Metal Detector with Pin Pointer and Carry Bag

Brand : Bounty Hunter
Model : QD2GWP-PL

Product Description

Beach combers, treasure and relic hunters, prospectors and coin shooters will love the Quick Draw II metal detector from Bounty Hunter for it’s comfort, sensitivity and discrimination control, and digital readout for easy of use. A precision device for locating metallic items, such as jewelry, coins, bullets, and other various artifacts buried up to 3 feet deep, the detector features an 8-inch interchangeable waterproof coil with sensitivity and discrimination controls, so you’ll know whether there are valuable coins down there or just rusty nails and tin cans. The Quick Draw II’s auto notch and selective notch filters let the detector discriminate between metal types. In auto notch the detector automatically displays the type and size of metal found. Selective notch filter mode lets you set the detector to include or exclude any object type or combination of types, finding for example, 1/2 dollars and ignoring unwanted items or finding any type of coin only, or excluding pop can pull tops for example while showing everything else. The detector notifies you with either an audible tone or visual indicator as to what range of metal types a detected object is likely to fall in for further weeding out of undesired items. Touch pad selection and 3-level iron discrimination help produce more coins and fewer rusty nails. The unit's handy LCD display with target identification and depth readout help pinpoint the location of artifacts. Not only does the Bounty Hunter discriminate between valuable metals and iron, it displays coin sizes up to 8 inches deep and detects larger objects up to 3 feet down. A handy headphone jack helps you tune into the search even near noisy streets (headphones sold separately). The purchase is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and includes a storage pouch.

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